Congrats to everyone who was cast in Babes in Toyland! If you were not cast in this project, please know that it is not a reflection of your talents, there simply wasn't a good place for you this time and we hope you will come out again this season!


For those of you who are cast, please email to accept your role. If you do not accept your role by Monday, October 7th - we will move on to the next person to fill the role. 


We have not yet received our rehearsal materials, so our first rehearsal and parent meeting has not yet been scheduled. Once the materials are in, we will reach out to the email address from which you accepted your role to arrange pick up of materials and first rehearsals. It is very important that you email to accept your role and that you check your email regularly.


We are looking forward to working with you and to getting started on this exciting classic musical!


Uncle Barnaby – David Coleman
Alan – Daniel Thornton
Jane – Ruthe Meeks
The Widow Piper – Frankee Angel
Contrary Mary – Katy McCumber
Tom Tom – Cole Cunningham
Hilda – Katherine Radoicich
The Master Toy Maker – Keri Gukeisen
Grumio – Kershaw Mellott
Inspector Marmaduke – Genevieve Crossman
Roderigo – Derek Jollie
Gonzorgo – Tytan Rosencrans
Jill – Danielle Clark
Bo Peep – Olivia Osmun
Boy Blue – Michael Peck
Miss Muffett – Rebecca Radoicich
Simple Simon – Violet Johnston
*Curly Locks – Caden Tippett
Bobby Shafton – Connor Norman
*Sallie Waters – Megan Donnelly
Red Riding Hood – Maya Dare
Peter – Claudiya Rosencrans
*Tommy Tucker – Jordyn Yelenich
*Jack – Taylor Garrett
Moth Queen – Ainsley Patterson

Toys/Featured Dancers – Rylee Forbes, Laurina Barbosa, Sirsea Berger, Ian Bray, Avery Santifer, Molly Peck

Ensemble –
Brooklyn Holms (2nd Girl, toyworker, 2nd Widow)
MacKenzie Howery (Before & After Girl, 4th Widow)
Marley Hamblin (1st Girl, toy worker, 1st Widow)
Kinsley Kelly (Dandy, 1st Workman, 3rd widow)
Sophia Shearer (2nd Dandy, toy worker, 5th Widow)
Dylenn Powers (1st Dandy, court advocate)
Evyn Tippett (Dandy, Court Advocate)
Lily Meixner (Toy Worker, Court Advocate)
Drake Meixner (Dandy, Court Advocate)
Whitley Rautio (Dandy, Court Advocate)
Heather Raymond (Toy worker, Court Advocate)


*If your name is starred, please set up a time to talk to Elizabeth (it’s not bad – don’t stress)